Mission History

History of Calvary's Missions Program

Calvary Baptist Church has a long history of World Wide Missions, dating back to the early days of the ministry. In May of 1953, under the leadership of Pastor Harold Bowe, Calvary took the first step toward a far reaching mission movement when it voted to take 10% of all undesignated offerings and start a special Mission Treasure. The church had made the first steps toward definite mission work a few months before by voting to send Brother Ronald Matthews to Brazil at $100 a month. The continued emphasis upon missions created an environment conducive for the Holy Spirit’s calling people to surrender to the ministry of missions.

Under the leadership of Dr. J. B. Buffington, Faith Promise Mission giving grew and Calvary was able to support many missionaries and mission projects. Through Dr. Buffington’s ministry more people surrendered to go to the mission field. By 1970, Calvary was giving over $100,000 a year to World Wide Missions.

In 1993, Rev. Ed Buford became pastor of Calvary Baptist Church. Coming from Germany, where he had been a missionary to the American Military, he continued the emphasis upon missions by bringing a perspective to our mission’s program from a missionary’s viewpoint.  

In November 2007, Pastor Shane Skelton became pastor of Calvary Baptist Church. He has been in the ministry for over 23 years with two previous churches in south Georgia and north Florida. He and his wife, Danielle, have four children and one grandchild. Currently, he has traveled around the world eight times, preached in 27 different countries as well as all across the United States. Pastor Skelton is involved every year with planting churches, equipping leaders, and training nationals.

He focuses on bringing closure to the Great Commission by strategically reaching the unreached people groups of the world while maintaining balance with already-established mission projects. The highlight of the mission year at Calvary is the Mission Conference each year. The mission giving has continued to increase to the point that Calvary now gives $200,000 annually through Faith Promise Giving.